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Safety Services

Best Safety Service Providing by KAKAFTCOMAN

Safety Practices: Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trading and Contracting fulfill all safety regulations adhering to accepted international standards and laws. Our quality control and safety management team ensures the safety norms required for our constructions and services and strictly adhere to the site or industrial location where the installation or maintenance work is carried out.

As part of our safety norms and procedures we ensure the following:

Licensed and experienced contractors who have undergone meritorious Contractor’s Safety Training (CST) work under our umbrella,

Trained technicians and manpower about the on-site hazards and risks,

Proper and safe working conditions are provided to all our workers with required protective gears and procedures,

Safety test passed equipments and processes used, and

Frequent safety-related classes and mock drills are conducted for remaining alert to the possible hazards and risks., all rights reserved
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