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Major Services

Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont. provides the following services aimed at the construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems:

Mechanical services,

Industrial services,

Energy management services,

Skilled manpower supply

Safety Inspections.

Mechanical Construction

Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont., a mechanical construction company to the core, have set up an envious industrial empire with world class services and quality standards. We assist you in all stages in developing your ideas from construction- fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of systems, to operation till running maintenance. The major mechanical construction services rendered with unparalleled artistry and expertise are:

Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Piping and insulation

Service and maintenance

Energy management services

Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont. provides skilled technicians and adequate manpower to cater to your on-site needs for the construction of the mechanical systems and services that we specialize in. Our field experts and technicians are working in oil refineries, petrochemical, cement and fertilizer, power, and steel industries, and building construction sites.

Energy management is vital to reducing energy cost and the wastage of energy in an organization. It is a matter of pride for the organization to become environment friendly and promote a green image by striving to reduce carbon emissions from their establishments.

Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont. conducts energy audit for your factory or any commercial or individual organization in chalking out ways to reduce energy costs to garner better profits. We help you implement energy saving opportunities especially those related to roofing and insulation and the efficacy of the HVAC systems cost effectively.

Industrial Services

Our industrial work spans several vital industries of the economy and involves process piping and insulation, oil pipelines, plant energy management, industrial air conditioning, ductwork, pressure vessels likes tanks and storage vessels, and not to say the least of many supporting mechanical constructions and support activities. Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont. presently undertakes works in the following industries:



Cement Plants

Steel Plants

Fertilizer Plants

Power Plants

Safety Inspections

Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont. has the weight of years of pioneering experience in ensuring and maintaining safety standards and regulations across its structured domain. We ensure safety of mechanical systems that we build by following a disciplined procedure devoid of any sort of glitches.

Our expert safety and quality control team will inspect your constructions for periodic safety checks and chalk out the scheme of things in case maintenance is suggested. Cost effective safety and quality inspection services are provided by Kawakib Al-Khaleej Al-Faddi Trad. and Cont.., all rights reserved
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